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What you can expect:

Natureza, Aventura, Cultura


Challenge, Nature and Culture on an Unforgettable Route."

June 14th to 30th - 16 days

(Bookings up to 15 people)

Price: 1350

When embarking on this unique journey along the Portuguese Camino Santiago - Geira and Arrieiros, each step becomes more than a simple walk. You follow ancient trails and the majestic Geira Romana, crossing the heart of the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Dive into the warm waters of natural pools and explore landscapes that vary from a "lunar landscape" surrounded by imposing mountain peaks to dense forests and charming mountain villages.

Every day, you will find crystal-clear streams, serene lagoons, imposing waterfalls and peaceful banks of the River Minho. Each journey offers unique experiences, from immersion in wild nature to exploring historic villages, culminating in arrival in Santiago de Compostela.

Your journey includes comfortable accommodation, as hostels are not always available, ensuring you have a peaceful break each day. Furthermore, you will enjoy breakfasts and dinners that nourish not only your body, but also your soul, providing a complete and enriching experience. Prepare for more than a walk; Get ready for an adventure that will transform every step into a discovery and every day into an opportunity to overcome things.

What to expect:

Stunning Nature:Embark on a journey through unparalleled natural landscapes. From Roman sidewalks to majestic waterfalls, witness the diverse beauty of nature along the Portuguese Camino Santiago - Geira and Arrieiros. Explore verdant trails, serene reservoirs and imposing mountains, providing you with an immersive experience of the rich local flora and fauna.

Adventure and Challenges:Overcome challenges and reach new heights as you navigate technical trails and demanding areas. Each stage holds moments of overcoming, from steep climbs to winding paths, offering a true adventure experience for hiking enthusiasts.

Local Culture and Traditions:Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the regions crossed. From historic monasteries to picturesque villages, discover the authenticity of local traditions. Interact with locals, enjoy authentic cuisine, and explore historic landmarks that tell the fascinating story of this part of the world.

Inner Journey:

In addition to the external discoveries, prepare yourself for a unique inner journey. The Portuguese Camino Santiago - Geira and Arrieiros offers moments of reflection and introspection. Enjoy the silence of the trails, connect with yourself and others, finding inspiration and growth throughout this transformative journey.

Route Summary:


Hotel - 11 nights




Vila do Porto, Malbusa, Piedade, Panasco, Terra do Raposo, Santo Espírito, Santa Bárbara, Bananeiras, Monte das Flores, Praia dos Lobos, Ponta do Monteiro, Ponta da Poção

Flight not included

Day 1: Arrival in Braga and Exploration of the City

You start your journey in the historic city of Braga, which dates back to Roman times. The Braga Cathedral, a majestic example of religious architecture, is the starting point. Its surroundings reveal cobblestone alleys and charming squares. This city, known as "Portuguese Rome", combines tradition and modernity, providing a unique arrival to your trip.

Overnight in Braga, with breakfast

Day 2: From Braga to Santiago de Caldelas

Leaving Braga, you dive into the ancient route, passing by the Monastery of Santo André de Rendufe, with roots dating back to the 11th century. The Roman Causeway of Couto de Rendufe is a testament to the Roman ingenuity in the region. In Santiago de Caldelas, thermal waters fuel tradition, offering a relaxing experience after a day of walking.

Overnight in Caldelas in a hostel, with breakfast

Day 3: From Santiago de Caldelas to Campo de Gerês

On this stretch, you pass through Campo do Gerês, a picturesque village surrounded by lush natural landscapes. The Geira Romana trail reveals the ancestral mill, providing an enriching journey. The night in Campo do Gerês promises to be serene, highlighted by its natural beauty and local hospitality.

Overnight in Campo do Gerês, with breakfast

Day 4: From Campo do Gerês to Lobios

Mata da Albergaria, with centuries of history, enchants with its exuberant nature. In Lobios, in Galicia, you discover the fusion of cultures and flavors. The thermal baths offer a relaxing break, while the village reveals authentic traditions. The night is marked by dinner and rest in Lobios.

Dinner and overnight in Lobios, with breakfast

Day 5: From Lobios to Castro Laboreiro

The stage takes you to Castro Laboreiro, a fortified village rich in history. The Castle and the Laboreiro Waterfall are testimonies of medieval heritage. Stroll through Galician villages, such as Ameijoeira, and cross the iconic Ponte Cava da Velha, immersing yourself in the authenticity of these lands.

Dinner and overnight in Castro Laboreiro, with breakfast

Day 6: From Castro Laboreiro to Cortegada

The route to Cortegada reveals charming Galician villages. The Mata de São João and the interaction with the locals provide a unique experience. The night in Cortegada is dedicated to rest, preparing you for the longer stage the following day.

Dinner and overnight in Cortegada, with breakfast

Day 7: From Cortegada to Pazos de Arenteiro

The riverside journey along the Minho River and the visit to Ribadavia highlight this stage. The Gomail bridge and the entrance to Berán offer captivating scenery. Arrival in Pazos de Arenteiro is celebrated with dinner and a relaxing evening.

Dinner and overnight in Pazos de Arenteiro, with breakfast

Day 8: From Pazos de Arenteiro to Soutelo de Montes

This stage, considered the "queen", takes you to prolonged climbs and to Mamoa, a fascinating megalithic testimony. Contact with local villages makes the route enriching. The night in Soutelo de Montes is marked by dinner and rest.

Dinner and overnight in Soutelo de Montes, with breakfast

Day 9: From Soutelo de Montes to A Estrada

The moving stage takes you through green areas, highlighting the Mamoa climb and the Gomail bridge. In A Estrada, the route through the city park offers a unique experience before the last day of walking.

Dinner and overnight in A Estrada, with breakfast

Day 10: From A Estrada to Santiago de Compostela

The final stage is a celebration of the journey, gently leading you to Santiago. Pontevea's medieval bridge and the path through the city park offer a memorable arrival at the Cathedral. In Santiago, the night is dedicated to celebrating the achievement of this unique experience.

Dinner and overnight in Santiago de Compostela, with breakfast

Day 11: Santiago de Compostela

Explore the ancient city of Santiago de Compostela, absorbing the energy of the Cathedral and historical monuments. A picnic dinner at Parque da Alameda celebrates the arrival, providing a moment of sharing and reflection on the experiences lived. This is the day to soak up the unique atmosphere of this city, before heading home.

Dinner picnic and overnight stay in Santiago de Compostela, with breakfast

Day 12: Farewell

Today is the day of return, but you take with you not only memories, but also baggage enriched by each step taken. Whether by plane, train or other means of transport, our guides will accompany you to your departure destination. Farewell is just a see you soon, as the stories shared on this journey leave marks that will last.


Transfer from Porto airport or Braga CP Station to accommodation in Braga

Accommodation throughout the program

Food: 11x breakfasts and 11x dinners included

Transport between Santiago and Santiago Airport

WALKER leader support throughout the trip


International and national flights

Visa Treatment

Unspecified food (around €20/day)

Entrance fees to unspecified museums or monuments

Personal extras such as drinks, telephone, etc.

Gratuities to the local team

Personal insurance

Portuguese Camino Santiago - Geira and Arrieiros



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