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What you can expect:

Natureza, Aventura, Cultura


June 15th to 22nd - 7 days

(Bookings up to 12 people)

Price: €830

Embark on a fascinating journey through the oldest island in the Azores, Santa Maria. Discover the geomorphological secrets and natural wonders along the 79-kilometer Grand Route that surrounds the island. This immersive route reveals erosion phenomena, sea levels and incredible biodiversity. You'll find bathing areas and rural centers as you explore five stages of approximately 15 kilometers each. Discover stunning landscapes from strategically positioned viewpoints and contribute to the preservation of this natural jewel. A unique experience that will take you to discover the scenic, educational and scientific richness of this Azorean island. Prepare yourself for an adventure where every step is a discovery and every view is a spectacle.

What to expect:

Stunning Nature:Let yourself be enveloped by the natural beauty of the Azores. From the Atlantic coast to rural and mountainous areas, every step on the Grand Route is a discovery of stunning scenery and unique biodiversity. The Facho cliffs, the deserted Prainha beach, the Pedreira do Campo, and the Figueiral Cave stand out, providing a unique experience of contact with nature.

Unique Adventures:Get ready for a series of exciting experiences. Hikes along picturesque trails, diving in scattered bathing areas and the opportunity to explore detours to viewpoints with panoramic views are just some of the adventures that await you. On the Caminho Velho da Praia, you will have the opportunity to climb up to the Santo Espírito Highlands, where villages are nestled on the slopes, providing stunning views.

Rich Local Culture: On Santa Maria Island, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich local culture. From hospitality in rural communities to discovering traditions and customs, this trip will provide a unique insight into the Azores. You will visit the Ermida da Senhora da Boa Morte, the Gonçalo Velho Lighthouse, Maia Bay, the Aveiro Waterfall, and the parish museum in Santo Espírito, enriching your understanding of local culture.

Route Summary:


Hotel - 6 nights




Vila do Porto, Malbusa, Piedade, Panasco, Terra do Raposo, Santo Espírito, Santa Bárbara, Bananeiras, Monte das Flores, Praia dos Lobos, Ponta do Monteiro, Ponta da Poção

Flight not included

Day 1: Arrival in Santa Maria

Flight to Vila do Porto. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the magnificent view of the port, an introduction to the beauty that is to come. Transport will take you to the hotel in Vila do Porto, the oldest Azorean village. After checking in, you will have free time to explore the historic port, the imposing fortress, the main church and the fascinating local museums, delving into the island's roots.

Overnight in Vila do Porto, with breakfast

Day 2: Vila do Porto to Malbusca

The day begins with a journey towards the village of Malbusca, situated on the picturesque south coast of the island. Enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Facho cliffs, dive into the waters of Prainha and explore places of interest such as Pedreira do Campo and Gruta do Figueiral. Lunch at Praia Formosa will be a treat before the challenging climb up Caminho Velho da Praia, providing unforgettable views of the Santo Espírito Highlands.

Overnight in Vila do Porto, with breakfast

Day 3: From Malbusca to Santo Espírito

Transport to Malbusca, the starting point for a day full of discoveries. Walk through the island's geopark, witnessing the majestic prismatic disjunction of Ribeira de Maloás. The Ermida da Senhora da Boa Morte and the Gonçalo Velho Lighthouse are unmissable stopping points, while the natural pools of Maia offer a refreshing dip. The Aveiro Waterfall adds a touch of magic to this day before arriving in Santo Espírito, where the parish museum reveals fascinating ethnographic details.

Overnight in Vila do Porto, with breakfast

Day 4: From Santo Espírito to North

Transport takes you to Santo Espírito, the starting point for a spectacular journey. Explore the São Lourenço viewpoint and bay, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Ponta Norte. In the evening, dinner in Vila do Porto provides a warm atmosphere to share stories and experiences with the group, celebrating a day full of emotions.

Dinner and overnight in Vila do Porto, with breakfast

Day 5: From North to Bananeiras

The transport takes you to the town of Norte, the start of an exciting day. Discover Pico Alto, surrounded by a Laurissilva forest, and marvel at the vineyards grown on terraces that go down to the sea. The day is crowned with a special dinner in Vila do Porto, where sharing experiences becomes the focus before we say goodbye to the island.

Dinner and overnight in Vila do Porto, with breakfast

Day 6: From Bananeiras to Vila do Porto

The transport takes us to Bananeiras, the starting point for the last day of the walk to Vila do Porto. This is a day full of wonders, highlighting the climb to Pico Alto, one of the most emblematic experiences in Santa Maria. Surrounded by a Laurissilva forest, this place offers stunning views over the island. The descent through the terraces of the vineyards provides a unique experience, ending in Vila do Porto, where we celebrate the conclusion of this journey with a special dinner.

Group farewell dinner, overnight stay in Vila do Porto, with breakfast

Day 7: Boat return to the island and farewell

The last day begins with an exciting option: a boat trip around the island. Circling Santa Maria reveals unique perspectives of its rocky coasts and isolated bays. This optional activity provides a memorable farewell to the island. Transfer to the airport marks the end of the trip. We say goodbye with the hope that you experienced unforgettable moments and took with you not only memories, but also the unique spirit of Santa Maria. Until the next adventure!


Airport transfer to and from accommodation in Vila do Porto

Accommodation throughout the program with respective breakfasts

3x Dinners included

Transport during the program

WALKER leader support throughout the trip

Activities: Tour the Island by boat


International flights

Visa Treatment

Unspecified food (around €20/day)

Entrance fees to unspecified museums or monuments

Personal extras such as drinks, telephone, etc.

Gratuities to the local team

Personal insurance

Exploration of the oldest island in the Azores



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