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What you can expect:

Natureza, Cultura, Aventura


September 1st to 10th - 10 days

(Bookings up to 12 people)

Price: €1750

Embark on a fascinating journey through the most unexplored and intriguing corners of Portugal. This is no ordinary trip; It is an excursion into the mysterious and authentic heart of the country, far from the conventional tourist gaze. Here, you will not only discover remote and stunning places, but you will also witness traditions and mysteries that endure through time.

Contact with locals is the cornerstone of this adventure. From Sintra, with its mystical and legendary atmosphere, to the secret corners of Alqueva, where inhabitants share stories and flavors that only true explorers have the privilege of knowing. Along the journey, you will have the unique opportunity to mingle with local residents, discovering secrets kept for generations and enjoying authentic banquets that celebrate the rich gastronomic tradition of each region.

You will explore the hidden nature of the interior, discovering landscapes that seem taken from fairy tales. Visiting a regional winery will not just be a visit, but a sensorial experience, where you can taste unique wines and learn the secrets behind each bottle.

This journey is more than a trip; It is an immersion in the stories to be told, the flavors to be discovered and the landscapes to be discovered. In Mysterious Portugal, every step is a discovery, every encounter is a sharing and every moment is an authentic experience.

What to expect:

Nature:Exploration of unique natural landscapes, from the mystical Serra de Sintra to the peaceful banks of the Lucefécit Dam Reservoir.

Unique Adventures:Journeys through the Templar legacy in Tomar, authentic gastronomic experiences in Alqueva and archaeological discoveries in Évora.

Local culture:Involvement with Templar history in Tomar, tasting the regional cuisine of Castelo de Vide and mystical experiences in Lusitanian places of worship.

Route Summary:

Accommodation:Hotel - 6 nights


Locations:Sintra, Mafra, Óbidos, Tomar, Castelo de Vide, Vila Viçosa, Alandroal, Terena, Reguengos de Monsaraz, Alqueva, Évora.

Flight not included

Day 1: Arrival in Sintra

Today, we begin our journey in the mystical village of Sintra, a place where reality intertwines with fantasy. Sintra is more than just a town; it is a portal to other worlds, full of legends, magic and an environment that has inspired mystics and writers over the centuries. When exploring its winding alleys, we discover exuberant palaces, such as the Palácio da Pena, that seem straight out of fairy tales. The exotic gardens of the Sintra National Palace hide secret corners and untold stories. Sintra is a place where the past mixes with the present, and every corner reveals hidden secrets.

Overnight in Sintra, with breakfast

Day 2: Sintra, Mafra and Óbidos

The second day begins with a visit to the Monserrate Palace, an architectural jewel set among lush gardens, creating a unique atmosphere. From there, we left for Mafra, a city that breathes history and grandeur. The imposing Mafra National Palace, with its baroque library and Basilica, tells a narrative rich in meaning. Next, we head to Óbidos, a charming village full of mysteries and medieval charm. The walls surrounding Óbidos have witnessed centuries of fascinating stories. Cobblestone streets lead us through traditional houses, quaint shops and the welcoming atmosphere of a village that seems to have stopped in time.

Overnight in Óbidos, with breakfast

Day 3: From Óbidos to Tomar

Today, we leave Óbidos towards Tomar, a place steeped in Templar symbolism. Tomar is a city where the secrets of the Knights Templar still echo in its ancient walls. Tomar Castle, once the headquarters of the Order of Christ, tells a story of power and mystery. The Church of Santa Maria do Olival, with its Templar tombs, adds an extra layer of historical intrigue. In this charming city, we explore the remains of the Templars and delve into the secrets that this village offers, providing a unique experience that takes us back in time.

Dinner and overnight in Tomar, with breakfast

Day 4: Templar route to Castelo de Vide

We started the day exploring the Templar heritage in Castelo de Vide, a city that stands out for the remains of the Order of the Temple. Our route continues to Marvão, a charming village that rises majestically over the landscape. Marvão is more than just a town; is a medieval fortress full of mystery and beauty. Its narrow streets and stone houses transport us to a bygone era, while the castle offers stunning panoramic views. We then head to Crato, where we explore the Monastery of Flor da Rosa, a Templar jewel and a vivid testament to the influence of the Order of Christ.Dinner and overnight in Castelo de Vide, with breakfast

Day 5: Vila Viçosa, Alandroal and the Lusitano Altar

Today we explore lands full of mysteries and traditions. We start in Vila Viçosa, a town rich in history and intrinsically linked to Portuguese royalty. We visit the imposing Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa, once the residence of the House of Bragança, and explore its vast heritage. We then headed to Alandroal, where we came across a mix of rural charm and ancient secrets.

The next destination is the mysterious Lucefécit Dam, where the dammed waters hide not only the force of nature, but also legends and enigmas that echo on its banks. The journey continues to São Miguel da Mota, a discreet location, however, shrouded in mysterious stories and legends that have endured over time. At dusk, we arrived at Reguengos de Monsaraz, famous for its wines and the region's exuberant cuisine.

Dinner and overnight in Reguengos de Monsaraz, with breakfast

Day 6: Alqueva and its treasures

Today we don't need to wake up so early. As a slight break, we can stay in Reguengos until mid-morning, where we will then take a brief visit to the cellars of a wine brand in the region, just to get out of the ordinary a little. We will have lunch in the village of Alqueva, and then we will take part in the visual experience at the Official Observatory of Alqueva, where we will stay for about an hour

Dinner and overnight in Vila do Porto, with breakfast

Day 7: Évora and the remains of Antiquity

We started the day by discovering one of Portugal's most notable archaeological treasures: the Cromlech of Almendres. This megalithic monument, often nicknamed the "Portuguese Stonehenge", has an intimate relationship with the stars and ancient gods. The strategically placed stones point not only to the past but also to the heavens, suggesting a deep connection between the ancient inhabitants and the celestial bodies.

When exploring the Cromoleque, we delve into the ancient practices and rituals that involved observing the stars, unveiling the role of these megalithic structures in Lusitanian cosmology. Each stone, carefully positioned, tells an ancestral story, a link between Earth and the cosmos. The place is an invitation to reflect on the mysteries of the universe and the wisdom lost over the millennia.

Day 8: From Évora to Lisbon

Today will be the last day of our trip to one of the mysterious parts of Portugal.

We continued our tour of Évora, where we discovered other ancient treasures, such as the Capela dos Ossos and the Roman Temple of Diana, testimonies of the historical legacy that marks this city, then heading towards Lisbon, where we said goodbye.


Airport transfer to and from accommodation in Sintra

Accommodation throughout the program with respective breakfasts

4x Dinners included

Transport during the program

WALKER leader support throughout the trip

Activities: Astronomical Observatory, Visit to the Wine Cellar, Tomar Templar Castle, Flor da Rosa Monastery, Monserrate Palace


International flights

Visa Treatment

Unspecified food (around €20/day)

Entrance fees to unspecified museums or monuments

Personal extras such as drinks, telephone, etc.

Gratuities to the local team

Personal insurance

Travel to the most inhospitable and wonderful places in Portugal, outside the tourist cities



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