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Our Team

With a passion for photography, gastronomy and adventures, Pedro is the architect of Walker's unique and inspiring trips.


CEO & Founder


Pedro Novo


Founded by Pedro Novo, a culture and adventure enthusiast, Walker is not just a travel company, but an invitation to explore the world in a unique and responsible way.


It is distinguished by its commitment to authentic experiences, deep cultural immersions and sustainable practices. Here, we value personal connection, environmental preservation and creating unforgettable memories.


Discover carefully planned itineraries, travel tips and inspiring stories on our website.

We don't just sell trips, we offer experiences that make a difference in the lives of our travelers. We specialize in group trips (limited to a maximum of 12 people), adventure trips, gastronomic experiences, nature dives and cultural immersions.


Our main focus is to provide our travelers with the opportunity to experience the best of each country visited.


From small groups to personalized trips, we create carefully planned itineraries that combine nature, animal life, culture, cuisine and authentic interactions with locals.


We want each trip to be more than a simple outing, we want it to be an enriching experience that will leave lasting memories.

Sustainability and ecology are fundamental principles in our travels. We value our planet and recognize the importance of traveling responsibly.


When selecting transport, we choose ecological options, favoring public transport whenever possible. Additionally, we carefully plan routes to minimize excessive carbon consumption and reduce environmental impact.


We believe that every step we take must be conscious, respecting the environment and contributing to the preservation of the destinations we explore. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every detail of our trips, as we want future generations to continue enjoying the wonders of our planet.

Behind the scenes at WALKER is Pedro Novo, the founder who brings with him a diverse background, including deep experience in photography, gastronomy, music, fermented drinks and event organization.


With a deep-rooted passion for nature walks, such as the Caminhos de Santiago, Pedro found inspiration to name the company "WALKER", as an image of all explorers and adventurers, also reflecting himself.


With a perspective influenced by his experiences of flavors and cultures, he realized that travel is an opportunity to taste not only local dishes, but also the stories and traditions they represent. This passion and thirst for discovery led to the creation of this travel agency that delves into the roots of each destination.

At WALKER, we are a passionate and dedicated team of enthusiastic travelers, united by a passion for discovering captivating destinations and immersing ourselves in local cultures. Each member of our team brings with them a genuine love of adventure and a burning desire to provide unforgettable experiences for our travelers.


We work together to ensure that every detail of our trips is carefully planned and that each itinerary is designed to create lasting memories.

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